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Video slot cabinets

Gaming machine cabinet's design is becoming more and more important to attract customers. Our cabinets are equipped with 2D or 3D graphics front panel, illuminated with cool light, LED rows giving depth and space to all graphics. Standard components in any cabinet made by us: one or two 19" LCD monitor, banknote acceptor, electronic key system, power supply, buttons, game board dependent wiring harness. Our products are manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 quality requirements, and have comply with CE standards.

We produce two type of cabinet:

  1. Wooden, made from PAL, with painted keyboard, custom glass design.
  2. Metallic, with stainless steel front and painted back, with one or two LCD monitors, custom glass design.

These cabinets can be equipped with different game boards (please see section Products / Game boards). Every gaming instrument has type approval as required by law.


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