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Banknote acceptors

Banknotes are used to faciliatate cash operations. A good banknote acceptor is simple, reliable, supports all standard protocol and most important it will accept new and street grade bills, in all posible directions.  
There are four type of banknote acceptors sold at the moment :


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This is perhaps most known banknote acceptor in Romania. The HR1 accepts a combination of 16 notes at up to 85 mm width in 4 directions, and features as standard an integrated optical anti-stringing mechanism.  6 note type - 4 way acceptance. Fast operation - up to 22 notes per minute - 150 currencies available and growing - Supports CCTalk, SSP, MDB, RS232, Pulse and Parallel.

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One of the newest bill acceptor from ICT, fixed or multi-width bill acceptance, new generation verification system, anti-stringing technologie, auto calibration, lightweight and durable plastic construction, multi-coloured illumination bezel, easy maintenance, fast program update.

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Accepts notes in just 3 seconds, weight 0.55kg, supporting all standard protocols, simple and advanced programming tools via configuration card, PC or handheld unit, USB capable

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Ardac Elite

Highest first-time acceptance of new and street-grade bills, highest detection of forged bills, single unit for global currencies, wide 85 mm opening, easy to maintain, modular design, choice of bezels, looms and protocols, USB connectivity for rapid download of software and bill sets, simple diagnostics, optional four-way barcode reading.

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