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Game boards

Each game board can be installed in one of the cabinets of your choice. Certain games are using two monitors one for the game itself and second one for additional information (winning table, jackpot), these game boards can only be installed in twin monitor cabinets. 

We can offer fallowing game boards:  Hot Spot, Hot Spot Platinum, EAC+ Multiprogram, Cratos Multiprogram.
Every slot machine made by us have type approval, as required by law.

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Hot Spot                                                                                                                  Original by novomatic group of industries small


This is the most known, played game made by Novomatic, with 5, player selectable games.

Game selectorBurning hotUltra Hot

American PokerBurrning TargetSizzling Hot

                                                                                                                             Download Download user manual

Hot Spot Platinum                                                                                                  Original by novomatic group of industries small

This is one of the newest game boards from Novomatic, with Coolfire II motherboard, ten, player selectable games, better, VGA (1024x768) graphics, with few games from the classic Hot Spot, and rest from Gaminator game board.

Game SelectorAlways HotHot TargetAmerican Poker II

Sizzling HotBoock of RaaDolphins PearlColumbus

Jewels for allTresure Jewels

                                                                                                                                 DownloadDownload user manual

Eac + Multigame

Newest program, from EAC Gaming Hungary, containing 12, player selectable games. Two brand new games (Lucky Lori and Super Hot), better, VGA (1024x768) graphics, now with optional, internal jackpot, called Cashpot, on second monitor. Below you can find a thumbnail  from all games:

Game SelectorPub PokerAlcatrazBlack Cat

Cherry LineCherry poker classicExtra Trio PokerJungle Kids

Lucky LoryMulti Chance PokerSuper HotCherry Line

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Cratos Classic Collection

Latest program on the market, containing 15, player selectable games.

Game SelectorAmon's TableBug ManiaRandom Bonus

Poker 21Orca's PearlNight FeverHot Reels

Hot DiecesFruit 81Desert AdventureClassic Stars

Classic PokerClassic Poker IIClassic FruitClassic cherry

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