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A PokerSTART first glance

Gamex Poker at Entertainment Arena EXPO

At 2010 Entertainment Arena Expo, held in Bucharest, 2010 november 1-3, we have announced our latest development the electronic poker table PokerSTART. During the show we've made a brief presentation to all clients present. We would like to kindly ask all visitors, whose questions could not been fully answered (because lack of time) or all functions of the poker table could not been showed, please don't hesitate to contact us for more information. Our experts can show you all functions and answer all your questions using one of the poker tables installed all over the country or at headquarters in Livezeni, Mures. The unit is under constant development, so new features are expected. You can find photos from EAE here.



PokerSTART on Map!

There is a new and cool way to find a place to play poker, on one of the tables installed all over Romania.  Click on link or map below, google maps will load,  showing PokerSTART table locations indicated with arrow.

PokerSTART screen shot

Click link for map

PokerStart Electronic poker table

PokerSTART PokerSTART table

PokerSTART is one of the newest product developed, rules are based on classic Texas Hold'em poker, table is completely automatized only one attendant needed to operate it. Game options easily customizable through advanced user interface and touch screen. 


Video slot cabinets

Gaming machine cabinet's design is becoming more and more important to attract customers. Our cabinets are equipped with 2D or 3D graphics front panel, illuminated with cool light, LED rows giving depth and space to all graphics. Standard components in any cabinet made by us: one or two 19" LCD monitor, banknote acceptor, electronic key system, power supply, buttons, game board dependent wiring harness. Our products are manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 quality requirements, and have comply with CE standards.